(CCOF) is a very special camp for children whose lives have been touched by cancer. The CCOF Governing Board has a responsibility to ensure that suitable volunteers are selected. Therefore, we expect all potential volunteers to participate in the training and screening process, which involves:

  • Attending an on-site orientation session
  • Supplying the names and addresses of three (3) character references who can attest to your reliability and maturity
  • Agreeing to a confidential police security check
  • Agreeing to a brief interview to review application form, discuss area of interest and available volunteer opportunities

Upon completion of this process, you will be contacted with information regarding your volunteer assignment at CCOF.


We cannot process your application until we have contacted all three of your references. Therefore, please contact the people you name as references so they can expect to hear from us. Suitable volunteers will be chosen until all positions are filled.

Note: This information is confidential. The information will be kept on file and will only be accessible to Board Members/Planning Committee of CCOF and will only be used for business pertaining to CCOF.

Date of birth:
Phone (Home):
Phone (Work):
Sask. Health Number:

In case of an emergency, whom should we notify?

Person name:
Person address:
Phone Number:
Are you taking medications for any medical problems?
Explain medical problems:
Do you have any allergies and if so how severe and what is the treatment?:
Explain about treatment:
Do you have a valid driver’s license?:
Do you have access to a vehicle?:
Have you ever been charged with a criminal offence?:
Are you employed?:
Company name:
Company address:
Postal Code:
Company Phone:
How did you find out about CCOF?:
What is the reason for applying to CCOF? Have you or a loved one been touched by Cancer? When?:
Have you ever applied to be a volunteer with CCOF before?:
If Yes, When?
What personal attributes do you have that would make a positive contribution to camp?:
What do you expect to gain from your involvement at camp?:
What organizations have you belonged to or presently belong to, and in what capacity?:
Please list any special skills you have which might be useful at our camp activities (i.e. Sports, crafts, music, certification such as lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, etc.):
Are you able to attend the camp for the entire duration?:
Would you be prepared to spend part of your time helping campers who need individual assistance?:
Would you be prepared to be a cabin leader?:
Do you wish to assist in fund raising activities throughout the year?:
T-shirt size:


Name 1:
Phone number of Person 1:
Address of Person 1:
Occupation of Person 1:
Best time to be reached?
Relationship with Person 1:

Name 2:
Phone number of Person 2:
Address of Person 2:
Occupation of Person 2:
Best time to be reached? 2
Time 2:
Relationship with Person 2:

Name 3:
Phone number of Person 3:
Address of Person 3:
Occupation of Person 3:
Best time to be reached? 3
Time 3:
Relationship with Person 3:

Volunteer Medical Screening Form

Do you have any medical conditions we need to be aware of?
Explain medical conditions:
Do you have any allergies? If so, how severe is the reaction and what is the treatment?
Explain reactions and treatments:
Do you have any physical limitations, previous back injury, or lifting restrictions?
Explain if Yes
Are you taking any medications?
Explain if Yes
Have you ever had chicken pox or the Varicella vaccine?
Explain if Yes
Have you travelled anywhere within the last 6 months outside of Canada or the US?
If yes please list:
Are your immunizations up to date?
Are you trained in CPR/First Aid?
Are you a cancer survivor?
Word Verification: