September 28, 2016
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We have sent home 73 happy but tired campers from Camp 2016. If our success is measured by smiles, laughter,

and love, then we knocked it out of the ballpark!! It was the BEST CAMP EVER! 


Thank you families for sharing your beautiful children with us. The campers have swam in the lake, danced to DJ

Johnny, and even performed in front of more than 120 people at Variety Night. Every child was a star! We hope

we provided some fun for the children and some rest for the parents. 



To the volunteers, thank you for so generously giving of yourselves!! For finding your smile as you willingly awake

your cabin before 7 AM to jump into a cold lake, thank you. For making that craft to the best of your ability, even

though it isn't a task you would choose, thank you. For being flexible and adjusting to the day of rain, thank you.

For standing up and and singing about a Great Big Moose, thank you. For pretending you love an ash covered

marshmallow made "just for you", thank you. But mostly, thank you for caring for our campers like they were your

own. You helped create some wonderful memories and some life-long friends. Your work this weekend was worth it!


Now get some much deserved sleep! We shall see you at Camp 2017!



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Thursday September 22 2016

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We believe summer camp is a rite of passage for all kids and it can be a powerful healing experiencefor those who have been affected by Cancer in childhood, whether they've lost loved ones or are sick themselves. CampCircle O' Friends is about letting kids be kids, to let them know life can go on.
With fun. With hope.


Up to 125 campers from all over the province, aged 6 to 18 in a session, come to make friends and offer each other support. The camp has helped thousands of families experience some form of normalcy after Cancer. The program grows stronger, thanks to the generosity and support of volunteers and community groups.